Saturday, 25 April 2015

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English - Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

What kind of story do you think is "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters'?

An Introduction to 'Mufaro's beautiful Daughters'

Semicolon - What's that?

Comparatives and Superlatives

What is a 'Theme'?

Irregular Verb Forms

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spelling ie - ei Words

Spelling ei or ie 

Types of Characters - Static and Dynamic

Watch these videos about Marlin from 'Nemo' and decide whether he is a static or a dynamic character

First Day of School

Saving Dory 

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

The All American Slurp

Compile a list of popular foods from different cultures in 3 minutes. 

Is it easy to move to a place with a new culture?

Lensey Namioka 
The All American Slurp

Buffet Etiquette

Chinese Dining Etiquette

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English Blog! Journalistic Writing Unit

Movie Time: Great Expectationa

Discuss - What is your idea of a hero?

Who's Your Hero?

Grammar Practice

Reported Speech: 
Change of pronouns - Change of place and time - Reported Speech

Direct Speech
Reported Speech
(Reported speech)
Change of pronouns
Change of place and time
this morning
next week
next month
 that day
 that morning
 the day before
 the next day
 the following week
 the following month

Original tense
Reported tense
Simple Present
Simple Past
"We enjoy fishing" - They said they enjoyed fishing
Simple Past
Past Perfect
"He saw it" - She said he had seen it
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
"She's gone" - You said she had gone
Present Continuous
Past Continuous
"I'm leaving" - You said you were leaving
Past Continuous
Past Perfect Continuous
"He was reading" - He said he had been reading
"I can sing" - She said she could sing
"We may stay" - They said they might stay
had to
"I must go" - He said he had to go
"I'll buy them" - You said you would buy them

Facts or Opinions

Solar Airplane!

Seriously Spoiled!

How do some children reach school?

A Day in the Life of a News Reporter

Extreme Sports!

 UAE's Future Museum!

Discuss this picture

Now read the caption for the picture. Were you able to guess it correctly?

How about this camel? 

Take notes as you watch this video. This will help you write the news story later.

What did Dubai Police say about this robbery?

Watch another video about Pink Panthers

Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English Blog! Journalistic Writing Unit Week 1

When cash is in the air!

In UAE, cash is in the air! Mystery money raining on Dubai street 

 Starter: Formal v/s Informal

Listen to the conversation and write 5 words that you think are informal.

Informal Greetings!

More about Formal and Informal

Think of some awesome headlines these stories would make!

Dog disguised as a lion in a Chinese Zoo

 How about this?

 Llama Drama


Camel on Dubai Streets


Old Woman Cutting Trees!

Ban Chocolate Milk at School!

Llama Drama Captivates Audience
Llama Drama!

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 Blog!

he don't know the answer
Apostrophe / Poetry / Figurative Language

Play the 'Apostrophe Games'

Museum Robbery!

Dogs as Actors!

Mystery Fiction - Spy Dog Vocabulary
fete: festival / sale

hostage: prisoner
violence: fighting
reward: prize
jinxed: unlucky
prison-sentence: the time period 
during which a person is kept in a   prison

Watch a cool video about subordinate clauses!