Sunday, 23 April 2017

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English Blog - Relative Clauses


Click on this link to practice relative clauses online!

Relative Clauses Practice Quiz 2

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Aladdin: Elements of a Plot Diagram

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Simile and Metaphor

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English Blog - Test Revision

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 Blog!
All the best for the test!

Colon (:)
 A colon is stronger than a comma or a semicolon. 

A colon should not be confused with a semicolon.  A colon is much stronger.  
Use a colon in time expressions:

     It is 2:30

The colon separates a sentence with two independent clauses whereby the second clause explains the first:

   I have everything I need to go swimming: I’m just waiting on my instructor to take me. 

Use a colon at the beginning of a list or title:

       Mahra only has one friend: Shamsa.

 After salutations or in business letters:
  1.  Dear Mr. Abdulla:        
  2.  To:        
  3.   Subject:
Colon Worksheet (Answers included):
Colons Worksheet2 by Safia Haroon Rasheed on Scribd
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Play Colons and Semicolons Jeopardy


More resources to be added soon!


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English Blog! Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Welcome to Al Dhafra Grade 6 English Blog!

Watch this video to learn about simple, compound and complex sentences

While you are watching the video below, remember that dependent clause has another name. We also call it 'SUBORDINATE' clause.

Play games!